Vastly underestimated by most users, Microsoft Excel provides far more solutions than just VLookup, Pivot Tables, and other commonly utilized features. Below is just a small sample of business processes that can easily be shortened and improved.

  • Processes:
    • Reconcile / Track / Verify / Calculate / Automate / Cross-Reference
    • Calculate and Track Commissions and Bonuses Payable, or Due from Others
    • Automate Manual Calculations for Improved Speed and Accuracy
    • To-Do List Formatting – Systematize Tasks Related to Everyday Activities [SOPs]
    • List Management [Assets, Inventory, Items, Categories, etc…]
  • Analysis:
    • Quickly Calculate Commissions & Bonus, Even Based on Complicated Qualifying Conditions
    • Calculate Fully Burdened Employee and Job Costs [Total Employee Compensation; Including Benefits, Employer Matching Taxes, Workers’ Comp Insurance Costs, and more]
    • Calculate and Track Employee Benefits Pricing and Costs, as Well as Changes Due to Election Updates
    • Identify Sales Trends of Slow-Moving or Hot Products, Reducing Both Losses and Lost Opportunities
    • Evaluate Sales Velocity to Know When, and How Much Stock to Reorder
    • Determine Relative Probability of Future Events / Needs Based on Past Historical Data
    • Sales / Product Analysis
    • Inventory Turnover Analysis
    • KPI Analysis
  • Support:
    • Workers Comp Audit workups
    • Loan Amortization Schedules
    • Consolidate data from multiple tables or reports.

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